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At EmobilHotels, we take you on a journey right from the moment you start looking for your holiday destination! On our portal, we present a selection of over 3,000 hotels with charging facilities in the Alpine region to make your holiday with your electric or hybrid car even more relaxing. Let yourself be inspired, fill up with energy. Both you and your car!

Does the plug fit? How long does the charging process take? Do I have to reserve a charging station beforehand? Here you will find all the answers.


The green and grey pins on our map ensure that holidaymakers can find an ever-growing selection of e-mobility accommodation - now also beyond the Alpine region. But what are the coloured pins? While the grey pins represent a pure listing of hotels with charging stations, the green pins show the EmobilHotels Premium Members, which are presented on the platform with a detailed description of the hotel and its surroundings as well as charging information.

Our EmobilHotels

in the Alpine regions

E-mobility travel

Many holidaymakers are not only looking to spend a sustainable holiday, but also travel to their destination in a sustainable manner. If you are travelling by e-car, you can find a map on featuring all charging stations on the way to our EmobilHotels. 


If, on the other hand, you are travelling by train, your holiday already begins at your home station.

Everyone who wants to be mobile at their holiday destination will also get their money's worth. At some of our hotels, you can book an electric directly - electric driving fun included!

Coming by e-car or train




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