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Chargemap covers the whole of Europe. Use the filter function to find the charging stations that best suit your electric car and your needs. From free charging stations and nearby services to plug types and charging power, you'll find everything you need here. All Chargemap functions are accessible free of charge. In addition, the app offers the so-called Chargemap Pass, a payment card that allows you to charge in most European charging networks.

EnBW mobility+ app

The energy supplier EnBW is building the infrastructure for the mobility transition. With the  EnBW HyperNetz, it operates Germany's largest fast charging network. On average, one new location is opened every day. While shopping, in the city or along motorways - in other words, wherever e-mobilists are on the move. Not only in Germany, but in a total of 17 European countries, the EnBW HyperNetz comprises more than  400,000 charging points. These include Denmark, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Spain. Thanks to EnBW mobility+, electric car drivers can enjoy attractive conditions throughout the entire network thanks to simple charging tariffs and full price transparency. Fair billing according to kWh is guaranteed: Everyone only pays for the electricity that flows into the car. Regardless of the season and time of day, the prices remain the same - at all charging points of EnBW and its roaming partners in Germany and abroad. By the way, EnBW uses 100 percent green electricity from hydropower for charging. With the EnBW mobility+ app, charging is also very easy when you're on the move. Anyone can use the app to find free public charging points along their route. Each charging process can be paid for via the app, with the EnBW mobility+ charging card or with a normal credit card.

ADAC e-Charge

The ADAC e-Charge app shows you charging stations in Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Liechtenstein and other European countries. As an ADAC member, you also receive exclusive e-discounts. Simply charge your e-car with the EnBW mobility+ app or ADAC e-Charge Card. The advantage of this app is that you do not have to pay a basic fee. The electricity prices of the standard tariff are: AC EnBW 38ct/kWh, other operators 42 ct/kWh, DC EnBW 48 ct/kWh, other operators 52ct/kWh. At charging stations from Ionity, for example, the kWh costs 79 cents! In addition, there is a "blocking fee" of 10 cents/minute (maximum 12 euros) in all tariffs after four hours of connection time.

Next Plug

The app includes more than 100,000 charging points in 48 countries. The charging stations are marked in different colours depending on the charging capacity. Once you have found a charging station on the map, you will receive further information by clicking on the corresponding symbol. For example, you can see the charging plug, the opening hours and any parking costs. A special feature of the app is the sub-item "Charging time", which provides e-drivers with tips on how they can best pass the time while their e-car is charging.


NEXTCHARGE is a free app that helps you find charging stations. In a few seconds, it will show you the nearest charging station to your location or to the position you have entered. You can view the map, the distance, the status (available, occupied, in maintenance) and the travel time needed to reach the charging station and send the data to your navigation device with a simple click to reach your destination.


E-charging station finder app

E-drivers can use the app to find more than 34,000 charging points throughout Europe. In addition, e-mobilists are always kept up to date on the topics of e-mobility, e-cars, charging stations and plug types. The main focus of the portal is the detailed presentation of charging stations/e-filling stations. In addition to an overview of charging points, the heart of the E-Filling Station Finder is the community. Every individual helps to report charging stations for electric vehicles, such as electric cars, electric scooters, e-bikes and e-boats in the E-Filling Station Finder, in order to expand the range of public charging points. As an operator of your own e-charging station, you can simply enter your charging points in the directory and make them visible to everyone.

Enio e-charging point app

The ENIO charging network comprises more than 8,000 charging points across Europe. After a short registration in the ENIO customer portal "ETSweb", specifying your data, you can use all ENIO's own charging points. In this way, the company aims to remain at the forefront of technology in the field of e-mobility infrastructure.

STW eMobil App

With the STW emobil app, emobilists have easy and digital access to the public e-charging infrastructure of STADTWERKE Klagenfurt, the be.Energised community and, via roaming, access to third-party e-charging stations. STW emobil is available free of charge in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store: Simply download, register and benefit. The company guarantees clear and transparent billing for the energy actually used. E-drivers only pay for what their electric car uses. In addition, you have simple and clear control over the costs incurred at all times, with no surprises!

da emobil App

True to the motto: "Going electric is the recipe for success in the future." That is why the da emobil team has set itself the task of making the transition to electric mobility as attractive and convenient as possible. The cooperation between the electrical company Fiegl + Spielberger GmbH and the energy supplier GUTMANN GmbH has resulted in the only Austria-wide full-service provider for innovative electric mobility solutions. The company focuses on intelligent charging solutions that grow with the customer and works on the further development of electromobility. Currently, you can find more than 160 charging points throughout Austria at da emobil. The da charging card is free of charge, without any commitment or hidden fees. In addition, you can use everything related to your car with just one card: charging, refuelling, shopping and washing. In da's own network, customers charge at kWh-based, fair rates. The charging stations in the da network are marked with a da logo on the map.


Swisscharge App

With, emobilists have access to all major charging networks in Switzerland and Europe. You don't pay any subscription or basic fees, only your charging processes. Through Swiss Charge, you can find over 130,000 charging stations in Europe, including 6,200 charging stations in Switzerland. Pay simply by app or with your charging card.

Electro Suisse App

You can find all the charging stations for electric vehicles on the interactive map from Electro Suisse.


Green mobility

The GreenMobility initiative provides an overview of all publicly accessible charging stations with real-time data. The network of charging stations for e-vehicles in South Tyrol is constantly growing. An overview of most of the publicly accessible charging stations is provided by the interactive map, which also provides important information in real time. The goal is to make South Tyrol a model region for sustainable Alpine mobility. Green Mobility deals with all forms of sustainable mobility, networks them with each other and prepares the ground for innovations. The focus is on electric mobility, bicycle mobility and mobility management.


With the JuicePass app, you can access both your own JuiceBox at home and Enel X's public charging options. You can view public charging stations and their availability status on the map. You can also store several vehicle models on JuicePass, subscribe to a charging tariff of your choice and then pay conveniently with the app. You can also check your real-time and historical charging data via the JuicePass app.

If you already have your own JuiceBox, the app also offers you many other options: for example, you can remotely control the charging process at your home at any time via your smartphone. You can easily connect one or more JuiceBox charging stations to your account via WLAN or mobile phone. In addition, the charging data can be viewed, you receive information about the charging status, the JuiceBox's performance can be adjusted and thanks to a shared PIN, your friends or family can also participate.

JuicePass now integrates over 90,000 charging points across Europe. So whether you're at home or on holiday, all you need is the app.



Finding charging stations on a route is easy. But what about in the context of vacation planning? Are there charging options in my desired accommodation? Does the plug fit? How long does the charging process take and can I reserve a charging station in advance?

What began in 2020 with the website has now matured into the EmobilClub APP. As an extension to, our APP offers not only more than 3,000 hotels, but also a store with emobile products, exciting news and facts about electromobility. In the second half of 2023, all those traveling electrically will be able to reserve their charging station at selected Premium Member Hotels directly via our app. More than 80,000 charging options will also support travel planning on the way to your vacation.


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