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Plug types:

The variant that is now most widespread in Europe and has also established itself as the standard is the type 2 plug. Not surprisingly, this type of plug is also often produced by European, including German, companies. Here, for example, the suppliers Mennekes or Siemens should be mentioned.

The type 2 plug is now often supplemented by a CCS plug. Compared to a normal type 2 plug, this is extended by two more poles. For this reason, it only requires one socket on the vehicle side instead of two.

Another type of plug is the Type 1 plug, which is nowadays mainly used in car models from Asia and North America. Type 1 is a single-phase plug that enables a charging power of up to 7.4 kW. This type of plug is rather uncommon in Europe, and charging stations with a suitable type 1 charging cable are correspondingly rare.

There is also the so-called CHAdeMO plug, which is also mostly used in Asia, especially in Japan. The plug developed in Japan is based on direct voltage. This means that high electrical power is available for charging the batteries of electric cars or plug-in hybrids.

The remaining plug types, the three-phase CEE plug and the single-phase CEE plug, play only a minor role for charging electric cars.

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Charging pole manufacturers:

Consumers are now spoilt for choice when it comes to charging station manufacturers. A whole series of German and foreign companies have specialised in the production of charging stations. The best-known manufacturers include Mennekes and Siemens. But many smaller companies now also offer top-quality products. From Germany, Austria and Switzerland, these include Wallbox, Morec, KEBA and Juice Technology.

And there is also a wide range of possible companies at the international level. One of the best known is certainly the American company Tesla. The Netherlands is also home to the manufacturer Alfen, a well-known company in the industry.

There are differences between the individual manufacturers, also with regard to the types of plugs available. Most European suppliers have focused on the Type 2 plug, in many cases supplemented by the CCS extension, which has become the European standard. Nevertheless, there are a few European manufacturers who supplement their portfolio with the Type 1 plug, which is normally more common in Asia and North America. These include Juice Technology and Wallbox.

Tesla is going its own way as a company, in that the American group also offers its own type of plug. The so-called "Tesla Supercharger" or the not quite as powerful "Tesla Destination Charger" offer their own charging connection, which is not compatible with all competing products.

Charging station

equal to charging station?

You will be supported in the installation of charging infrastructure. You can find out where and how to get funding here:


One electricity provider that has a lot to offer in terms of e-mobility is NATURSTROM. The provider has even developed its own e-mobility tariff, "naturstrom emobil". This offers consumers 100% German green electricity from the sun, wind and water, which is completely CO²-neutral due to the compensation of the production chain. In addition, this green electricity, with a price of 28.90 cents/kWh, is also offered at particularly favourable conditions.

Another advantage is that the special tariff also applies to normal household electricity and can simply be read via the meters already in place. So it is not only possible to simply switch to clean car electricity, but electricity costs can also be saved at the same time. The only requirement for the tariff is that the consumer owns a fully electric car and charges it mainly at home.

How do I really drive emission-free?

Eco electricity provider!

Another NATURSTROM offer is the app-based charging contract "naturstrom smartcharge", which provides access to numerous public charging stations throughout Germany. These include many locations of NATURSTROM's partners. At the stations of Allego and E-Wald, e-car owners not only have access to clean electricity, but thanks to the partnership with NATURSTROM, they can also charge at a special price. Other plus points are the uniform prices and the billing, which can be viewed at any time, according to kilowatt hours and minutes, each of which is communicated in a monthly invoice by email.

And all this works conveniently via app. Simply download "naturstrom smartcharge" for Android and iOS, create a user account, conclude the charging contract, issue the SEPA mandate for direct debit and off you go. This way, charging stations can be found and charging processes started at any time.

Always know exactly how much you pay

In principle, you pay a monthly base price for every charging contract with NATURSTROM. If the customer already has an energy supply contract with NaturStromHandel GmbH or NaturStrom XL GmbH, only a reduced basic price has to be paid. A fair and transparent procedure is used for the individual recharges, depending on the amount of energy charged.

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